Volcanic rock dust for CACTUS? You bet!

Volcanic rock dust for CACTUS? You bet!

I came across volcanic rock dust a few years ago at Kingsheath Gardening Show. I was willing to try something different so I gave it a go. Here is what happened.


I took up growing CACTUS after I packed up smoking 20 years ago. I used to use standard fertilisers but this gave my CACTUS a forced and elongated appearance that did not look right and was not good for showing. I find volcanic rock dust improves the CACTUS plants as it makes them compact, healthier, greener and a lot more natural looking. They also flower better and there are more flowers to each plant.


I make my own compost. I find when I add volcanic rock dust, at maximum rate, to my old compost it comes back as brand new. I no longer have to throw out my old compost as I know with volcanic rock dust my old compost grows my plants as well as brand new compost. This is also an advantage as I know my old compost is pest free.


Volcanic rock dust also works wonders on my vegetables. Last year, despite the bad weather, I grew the best CARROTS, ONIONS, BEETROOT and LEEKS I have ever had.
So now I am now a total convert and have ordered a 1 tonne bag this year – watch this space!


Roger Peel, Powys, Mid Wales

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