NATIONAL POT LEEK SOCIETY – never looked back!

NATIONAL POT LEEK SOCIETY – never looked back!

Please feel free to down load NPLS REMIN volcanic rock dust TESTIMONIAL

ROB HALL, NPLS ChairmanI’ve grown and exhibited vegetables for almost 40 years and tried many “wonder remedies” that simply do not work.   2 years ago, on recommendation of PAUL

ROCHESTER, who holds world record for heaviest leek ever grown, I started using REMIN.  Results have been brilliant and this includes less pest damage.   As well as LEEKS my TOMATOES, gave me my best crop ever.  REMIN is No. 1 on my shopping list for 2018”


DAVID RICHARDSON, NPLS Secretary, who has shown leeks for over 40 years tells us “I first used REMIN in 2016 and it gave me my best season of showing POT LEEKS.  It may not all be down to REMIN but I have no doubt this fantastic product has a lot to do with it.” 





NPLS Treasurer ARTHUR RICHARDSON says “It makes total sense to add minerals when we grow same plant every year and expect the same results.  I won Intermediate LEEK class at NPLS both years after using REMIN.   It didn’t disappoint with CUCUMBERS either, personal best of 26inches up to an amazing 36inches.  REMIN seems to improve overall vigour and colour of all my plants (see leaf photo) and it will definitely go into my trenches and gardens in 2018.”


JENNIFER’s NOTE:   “It is worth nothing that it took TWO growing seasons to reach this level of conviction that REMIN makes the difference.


Facebook @Nationalpotleeksociety – a community organisation, committee based in NE England

Photo from NPLS 2017 ANNUAL SHOW, Stanley, County Durham.   While saving money by buying a full REMIN pallet, NPLS also raise funds by selling 10kg bags at their event!   What’s not to love?!

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