Our first Testimonial!

After the wettest summer on record in UK, it is excellent to hear how our new Majorcan stockists, who took their first bulk load of volcanic rock dust in February this year, are getting on….

We got volcanic rock dust this spring and have had good results across the board. The best example is probably our TOMATOES.  We grow mainly HEIRLOOM VARIETIES which in the past have suffered from poor fruit set. This year it has not been a problem.

With many days over 40 degrees our plants have faired better than
us. We have 25m2 of TOMATOES, with many plants over 8 feet with 4 or 5 leaders. Our current daily record is 28Kg of medium and large and 2Kg of cherry (we only have 4 cherry tomato plants). We have now picked about 500 kilos and the season may last another six weeks.
Tomato beds are underplanted with BUSH BEANS and ONIONS. Most bean plants have 50+ beans, continually! I had a STRAWBERRY last week with a brix reading of 23.5. I will shortly send in the good reports coming in from local users. I could go on but it isn´t necessary.
Anyone interested in buying volcanic rock dust in the Balearic Islands can contact us on 00 (34) 686 526 210 or

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