Je fantastičen za SLOVENIJO!

Je fantastičen za SLOVENIJO!


I have been using volcanic rock dust in my garden in Duplek for four years now. I have noticed a big improvement in my garden since using volcanic rock dust, right from the start.



I get more tomatoes from each plant. They are bigger, tastier and less problems with pests and they stay healthy later into autumn.


Every since using Volcanic rock dust my PUMPKINS, LETTUCE, BROAD BEANS, PEAS and POTATOES have been much better. Every year they have improved although in late summer of 2012 it was too hot and this made it difficult for many plants.


My flowers have also been a lot better since using volcanic rock dust. This includes my BEGONIAS in their pots and my flowers in the window boxes. My DAHLIAS grown directly in the ground are also much better plants with more and brighter flowers.
Since using volcanic rock dust, I have not used any plant food except my own compost – and Volcanic rock dust helps that too!
I am very happy volcanic rock dust has been accredited by the Slovenian organic accreditation body – and translated into Slovenian language so that everyone can us it in Slovenia!

Sonja Cernic Langerwall, Duplek, SLOVENIA

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