RASPBERRY FARMER – no doubt about benefits volcanic rock dust

RASPBERRY FARMER – no doubt about benefits volcanic rock dust

Without Volcanic Rock Dust

With Volcanic Rock Dust

I applied PAS 100 compost to all of my raspberries and then applied the volcanic rock dust via my trickle feed watering system via the mixing barrel where I added the normal fertilisers before directing the supplemented water around the crops.

To test volcanic rock dust I left it out of applied water for 1st 12 rows and applied it to last 12 rows. In 2005 there is no doubt I had an excellent all around crop, but no definite difference was noticeable.

This year, as the raspberry canes are putting on new leaves, it is a different story. There is no doubt there is a clear division between rows where volcanic rock dust has been applied and where it has not. In the volcanic rock dust rows the raspberry canes have a fuller coverage of young leaves. The canes are standing straighter and each plant looks far healthier and happier.

Yes, my PAS 100 compost is already here and my order for a bulk load of 25 tons of volcanic rock dust goes in this week. I have no doubt that this is a rock solid investment!

Yours sincerely

Grant Williamson

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