STEVE RANDLES potatoes and pumkins

STEVE RANDLES potatoes and pumkins

REMIN volcanic rock dust POTATOES and PUMKINS

My experience from the beginning … STEVE RANDLES TESTIMONIAL.PDF

2012:   I added rock dust to half the leeks in one of my allotment beds but due to family commitments I stopped gardening that year.

2013: I filled the same bed with POTATOES and forgot about my previous year rock dust trial. At harvest time I noticed some tubers where 50% larger and yield was up by about 30%. It took a while for the penny to drop – then I realised the increase was only in the rock-dusted area. I was sufficiently impressed to buy half a dozen bags for 2014.

2014:  This time all POTATOES had the REMIN volcanic rock dust treatment and I added 330g / m2.   The plants grew away and I could not fail to notice just how healthy the plants looked, a factor that other plot holders commented on too.   At harvest-time tubers where 50% increased in size and overall yield was approx.. 40%-50% up on what I would have expected.

SWEETCORN:    My SWEERTCORN also raced towards the sky reaching 7ft and more and each plant produced 2-3 tasty cobs.   Other sweetcorn crops on our allotment site reached around 3-4ft and failed to produce cobs.

PUMPKINS: I’ve grown big PUMKINS for a few years now to see the kids faces when I put a massive carved PUMPKIN out at Halloween.   Prior to 2014 my best had been 120lb, a decent size compared to the average weight of a supermarket one approx. 10lb.

2014 saw me growing a couple of plants on a REMIN volcanic rock-dusted patch.  The plants grew away almost out of control with some of the vines growing up to 30ft long.  Again, as with the POTATOES and CORN they were a talking point at the allotment site, especially as the fruits started to grow and swell.   I had four PUMPKINS that beat my previous personal best, the biggest two where 236lb and 303lb.   The local rag also came and got a story and photos and duly published it!

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