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Moira Davidson on Mersea Island, Essex uses Remin RockdustI live on Mersea Island in Essex, 60 miles north east of London and I cannot believe the difference REMIN volcanic rock dust has made to my garden and orchard.

I was introduced to it by my brother who learned about it from fellow-gardeners in the Forest of Dean.    He moved to France but he still drives to England to collect his new supplies of REMIN!

The biggest effect I noted with REMIN was on my D’ARCY SPICE APPLE TREES and my PEAR TREES (of which I have several varieties) in the orchard, where improvements in QUALITY, FLAVOUR and SIZE have been truly remarkable!   I even had to drastically thin my Pear Trees as they have become so productive.

In Spring I spread about 1 to 2kg around the base of each tree by covering the area of the same shape as the tree above it.  I noted the difference in one year.

It has also had an almost miraculous effect my one very elderly QUEEN ELIZABETH ROSE.   I keep this in memory of my late father, who used to bud and sell roses all round Mersea Island.   The old bush, that looked as if it had little left to give, “suddenly” burst into life after its first application of REMIN.   My father has been dead for 13 years and the recovery has been so good I will be able to take cuttings from it this autumn and to reproduce it, just as he would have!

I have now received my REMIN supply for 2016 and I plan to scatter it around my WALNUT TREES and my SMALL HAZELNUT COPSE beyond my orchard.

I cannot praise REMIN volcanic rock dust enough, it is like giving your garden A HUGE VITAMIN PILL.

However, watch your weeds!   I have had groundsel at knee height.    The effects of REMIN clearly applies to all plants!

NB Jennifer:  I’d never heard of Mersea Island before Mrs Davidson’s contact.  It was one of life’s quirks that it was featured in the following week’s BBC Countryfile.  It even turns out Mrs Davidson knows the Oyster Farmer that was featured on BBC Countryfile!

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