IPSWICH ALLOTMENT holders association

IPSWICH ALLOTMENT holders association

IPSWICH ALLOTMENT HOLDERS ASSOCIATION Successful trial with CARA POTATOES! Please feel free to download the Ipswich Allotment Holders Association PDF.

Whilst not scientific, we carried out our own with and without trial using REMIN volcanic rock dust when growing CARA POTATOES in 2017.   

The plot’s right-hand side had 1kg / m2 of REMIN applied and the left side had none and tubers were planted at the same time.

The REMIN application was at pre-planting stage in March when we were preparing the ground after the winter digging.

As the photo shows there was a clear differential with the Cara potatoes which had had the REMIN.   They had MUCH BIGGER  HEALTHEIR SHAWS and the potato crop was also noticeably bigger and healthierwith some of the potatoes being the size of a side plate!

Whilst these were the only trials we did last year the feed back from though out the allotment was that our Members saw an over all improvement in their season’s growing with specific mention made for the SWEETCORN and ONIONS.

We do plan to do some more trails in 2018 and we will keep you posted!


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