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On this 14-year journey I always delight in telling stories just as they are!    Sometimes an email arrives that blows me away.  This time it’s lucky to happen just before 2 major shows.  Here you go:

At Gardening Scotland 2016 I met Keith Brand who has a Degree in Crop Production Science and I know as a closet REMIN volcanic rock dust user.  Yes, that’s us in top photo – of a photo from Dundee Flower Show 2011 – where he said rock dust got him 1st Prize!   Here’s Keith’s email and photos:

gladioli-prep-for-show-jpgGood evening Rocky Lady !!
Just a quick email to let you know that the secret of REMIN is safe with me.  It definitely works as shown by my multitude of successes this season so far.   I daren’t tell anyone about it, it is such a great secret to have and I would be worse off without it !!

It works with virtually anything I grow, dahlias, asters, helichrysum, sunflowers, calendulas and of course gladioli. The stuff is brilliant and I would be grateful if you stopped advertising it everywhere !! even-works-on-lupins-crop-jpg



To the soil, every 2nd year l use a 500 ml Greek yoghurt carton full over 6m square.

In my home made composts same amount into approx 60 litres.  I use that mix for all my cormlets, pinks, gladioli seed and begonias.     Everything is pricked out into same mix.   All spent compost goes back in the garden.   Seriously it is fantastic, I use it everywhere and it is the key to my success.    

PS:  Best wishes and stop advertising the stuff.   It’s a real pain thinking people out there might be at the same level as me using this product !!!        31st August, 2016


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