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shedAt Abbey Road Allotments we buy REMIN volcanic rock dust in 1 tonne bags and sell it in 10kg bags.   It is one of our best sellers.

From COMPOSTING, to RAISED BEDS to the GREENHOUSE, I like to trial new products and as a result I now use rock dust for all my gardening – as it does what is says!

My beautiful picture


It speeds up composting and WORMS just love it.   It’s also true what they say about pest resistance – use rock dust and you get less problems with pests as the plants are stronger.

raised beds with gladioliIn raised beds it is as good for BRASSICA as it is fortomatoes GLADIOLI.

TOMATOES love it in the GREENHOUSE COMPOST and it has given me my best RASPBERRIES ever.


Mike's caulisThese are caulis and apples from Mike Hollis’s plot and he says rock dust has given him the best results ever for growing caulis.prize leek

I use the standard dose of 0.5kg per square metre every year.  Last but not least – REMIN volcanic rock dust helps me win the occasional prize…   We have just ordered in our next tonne to start 2016 and we look forward to getting all the fliers supplies and the new REMIN video FREE OF CHARGE!


logan berries VLUU L200  / Samsung L200 026-005

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