Volcanic rock dust and PAS 100 COMPOST

Volcanic rock dust and PAS 100 COMPOST

Using 1 ton of a volcanic rock dust and PAS 100 Compost mixture we grew on 4,000 marigolds plugs this year. We compared their progress against 7,000 marigold plug that we grew using a standard issue peat based compost. We added Polyon 47 slow release fertiliser to both. I can report that the volcanic rock dust mixture performed as
well as the peat based compost. As photos show we got more flowers and better plant growth with volcanic rock dust mixture. We did get better root growth with the peat based compost. I found the volcanic rock dust mixture to be heavier than the peat
based compost and this could be a transport issue.

Volcanic rock dust mixture on right in both photos show better plants with less root growth.

The above trial is especially interesting, as I had previously used volcanic rock dust as an additive with peat based compost for Polyanthus and found the root growth to be improved. You have a valuable product here with a lot of potential and I have little hesitation in recommending them to other nurseries.


William J Grant (Jack)

Landscape Services Officer

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