News – The Blueflash Slug Story


Guilty-Blueflash-slug-tries-to-look-invisible1With my husband running an electrical contracting company and me running this company providing SEER Rockdust on a world-wide basis, it is not often our paths cross – but Sunday morning was an exception.

One of my husband’s customers phoned before 9am to say their house was without electrical power and please could he come and rescue them. Alex headed off and eventually came back with something to show me. It turns out the double socket in the customer’s clean and tidy kitchen had been taken on as a home for a big brown slug. Indeed the guilty slug was still anchored inside the shorted socket that Alex had removed and was trying to make itself as invisible as possible. When we lifted it out, however, and put it on top of the socket it immediately unfurled and tried to get back inside.

Alex explained that the slime from the slug had earthed the electrical supply and tripped the switch to cut off the whole house. The Blueflash Slug, as we named it, that is every gardeners pest, had become an electrician’s pest. Despite shorting the 240 Volt supply to the house, within millimetres of itself, it remained totally unharmed, infact in remarkably good fettle, as shown above.
See Daily Record, 17th July 2013.