Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowships

Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowships

Hans-Peter Fahrni, Head of the Swiss Agent for the Environment, Forests and Landscapes with yours truly… 2003!

What better way to launch my first blog than my Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship that helped get me to where I am today, running my own company REMIN (Scotland) Ltd selling and promoting REMIN volcanic rock dust – a unique and natural soil and compost improver with so much unrealised potential.   My Fellowship was started by applying right here:

There are 14 Categories this year, and yes one is HORTICULTURE:

Back in 2002 when I was at a professional cross roads a fellow Zoology Graduate from Aberdeen University, Ron McDonald, came to give a talk to the North East Mountain Trust .  He was just back from a tour of … was it New Zealand (?) and he had had a fantastic time.  He told me how to apply and world wide web was very new in those days, so I went ahead and applied for what turned into the trip of a lifetime.

The application process is simple, first a one pager, fitting into their simple eligibility criteria and categories, with approximate costs. I was soon invited down to London for an interview and my London friend, Kuldeep Gill, came with me.  There I was called up into a big room to face a panel of “judges” who wanted to know what I wanted to do – and I told them!

Next was a letter confirming £ 7,000 to travel round Europe to research my “European Waste Management – Policies and Practices 2003“.  After acceptance I got the idea of a mobile home private rent and what a hit that was as my home, my transport and my office. For my 6,000 miles, round NORWAY, DENMARK, GERMANY, SWITZERLAND, FRANCE and SPAIN, as it says: , my time was my own and I will never forget it.

But this Blog is not about me, it is about YOU.   I cannot encourage you enough, to check out this out, you don’t need qualifications but you do need passion and a realisation this could be for you so please go ahead, plan a true adventure for 2018!

My above photo was one of the many highlights of this trip – meeting an amazing gentleman, Hans-Peter Fahrni, Head of the Swiss Agent for the Environment, Forests and Landscapes, whose business card was printed in 4 languages and I learned so much from that one visit – with, as ever, Sir Winston Churchill card, as my passport.

Well?  What are you waiting for?  Where on this Earth do you want to go?  What do you want (need) to learn more about and bring home to better life for all of us?
Deadline is 5pm, 19th September, 2017, so you better get your skates on!

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