Scottish Allotments & Gardens Society Annual Gathering

Scottish Allotments & Gardens Society Annual Gathering


Having held a rock dust stall at SAGS Annual Gathering at Victoria Halls, Dunblane FK15 9EX from 2008 to 2015, but having to miss it from 2016 to now because of other events, I am really looking forward to their 2019 Gathering.    I usually did SAGS write up with photos for National Society of Allotments and Leisure Gardeners (NSALG) / National Allotment Society magazine, and this made me pay attention and keep up with proceedings!!

In looking back through old photos, I made up the above short video.   On reflection it is great to see such active involvement from Scottish Government and, as you will see, we have attracted some rising stars!

But seriously, considering the recent SOIL FERTILTIY warning in The Guardian article ,  we are being told we only have 30 – 40 years fertility left in our soil.   It is great therefore that Scottish Government is actively encouraging us all to re-learn and use the often-lost skills of Growing our Own and helping us secure the actual ground so to do.

The video also makes the point that it is the UK ALLOTMENTS that have trialled, witnessed and supported the REMIN volcanic rock dust benefits from the very start.   This is clearly shown by all the Allotment Testimonials included here:

So, back to this year’s SAGS Gathering – here is the link for their FLIER

and for the Gathering’s PROGRAMME

Meanwhile it is good to see that as well as NSALG, SAGS also work with the following:


Looking forward to seeing you all at Dunblane!

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