I first came across the National Pot Leek Society (NPLS) in 2015 when their Chairman, ROB HALL contacted REMIN looking for a sponsor.  It took a wee while to work through what was needed but the answer was yes, and now 3 and a bit years later we have a dedicated group of specialist growers where REMIN benefits are being recognised and I am delighted to be working with them.   Here is the National Pot Leek testimonial on their results with REMIN.

Whilst there are 5 classes of Leek as follows, the Pot Leek itself is defined as a leek that has 6 inches between the button (first split of outer leaf) and the beard (ie down to the roots but not including the roots) – and their green leaves that are allowed to, and do grow on extensively (!):

  • CLASS 1 – Two Pot Leeks 6 inches maximum length
  • CLASS 2 – Two Intermediate Leeks over 8 inches and up to 12 inches in length
  • CLASS 3 – Two Blanch Leeks 14 inches minimum length
  • CLASS 4 – The Affiliated Society Class – where there are 3 sub classes
  • CLASS 5 – Novice Class, 2 Pot Leeks 6 inches maximum length


NPLS, based in Northeast England, was established in 1980 and “The Aims of the Society” are “To encourage, extend and improve the cultivation and exhibiting of leeks, to investigate diseases and help establish clubs.”   Anyone interested in joining NPLS is invited post a cheque for £12, made out to National Pot Leek Society to Derek Richardson,  NPLS Secretary, 147 Sea Road, Fulwell, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear SR6 9EB.  MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS include:  “All leek classes are free to enter, Society stock available for purchase, advice and information, Year Book and Autumn booklet, access to Members with leeks for sale and able to attend and vote at the AGM and other Society events.”

As shown by their Annual Report, the Club or Society Members hold their own shows, or classes in other shows, where their Pot Leeks and Onions are judged on an annual basis.   2016 and 17 Annual Reports detail the classes, sizes and competitive results which include competitions at the following shows:  Bedlington Station WMC Show; Northumberland CIU Show; Leadgate Social Club Show;  Billingham Horticultural Show; Blyth Sports and Social Club;   John Smith’s Extra Smooth World Leek and Onion Championship Show;  Seaburn Horticulture Show; The Gun Inn – Ridsdale 2015 Show; Houghton Le Spring Feast Show; Billingham Trade Union Club; The Nelson Pub – Leek, Flower and Vegetable Show;  Salutation Leek Club; Northallerton WMC Leek Club;  Merseyside Pot Leek Society Show;  Thirsk Conservative Leek Show;  Thrisk & Sowerby Institute Leek Show; Pelaw & District Social Club Show and The Stanley Empire Leek Show.

NPLS Yearbook also devotes a full page to Show Rules and another full page to the names of the Registered Judges – so a more focused group of growers I think it would be hard to find.   It is also particularly encouraging to hear from the Derek that the 3 pallets of (50 x 10kg) REMIN bags SOLD OUT at their Annual Show in the Louisa Centre, Stanley, County Durham in March this year – more than any bags I have ever sold on a single day at a Show!   I wonder how many pallets they will ask for next year?

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