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I bought my first tonne of volcanic rock dust 10 years ago as an interested but somewhat sceptical amateur gardener and set up some trials. I planted rows of BEETROOT, CARROTS and ONIONS and applied it to half of each row.   Results persuaded me to buy a tonne of REMIN in 2014.   Since then I have not looked back and consider myself a 100% REMIN convert.   REMIN does not need applied every year and right now I am getting 2 tonnes, purchased March 2019 onto my crops.   If your soil and compost is not performing as well as you would like, then I strongly recommend you give REMIN a go.

WHERE I APPLY:     I use REMIN in all areas of the GARDEN, including the ORCHARD and on my COMPOST HEAP.

–   Every time I sow or plant a new crop, I sprinkle a good handful of REMIN per square yard after sowing / planting.

–   I also add a handful of REMIN to the base of each BRASSICAS after planting out.

–   In the ORCHARD I apply 2-3 handfuls of REMIN per TREE each season.

DIFFERENCES TO MY SOIL:    My soil condition has improved significantly since I started using REMIN.   It’s much more friable, and I am now working towards ‘NO DIG’.

CROPS WHERE I HAVE APPLIED REMIN:  I have grown ALL MANNER OF VEGETABLES, SOFT and HARD FRUIT using REMIN (please see my above photos) and am just beginning to include REMIN with my FLOWERS.

DIFFERENCES TO MY CROPS:   I have seen my FRUIT and VEGETABLES become larger, stronger, and more resistant to pests.   BRASICCAS really seem to benefit, and in particular ROOT VEGETABLES, such as BEETROOT and CARROT have significantly increased in size.    STRAWBERRIES are one of my favourite soft fruits, and have improved in size, colour and flavour since the addition of REMIN.  The flavour of other such soft fruits, such as my FIGS, GRAPES and MELONS has also improved immeasurably.

Yields of all my crops have also improved from using REMIN.

Jennifer’s note:  It is testimonials like this that keep me going.   I know 100% freshly crushed, finely screened, organically approved REMIN volcanic rock dust does what it says it does, ie improve soil and compost’s fertility and productivity.  I know worms “love” REMIN, ie seek it out and increase in number.   I’ve not found a crop that does not benefit, often in so many ways, from REMIN’s application either as top dressing or mixing through in a new growing medium.  And something as subtle and yet as strong as flavour…. is it not a measure of an holistic improvement when the flavour of a crop improves?   I told Steve that I thought that this is the best photograph of Strawberries I have ever seen!

BUT … is taking a long time to catch on.   In 2018, Chef / Gardener Keith Woodhead from West Yorkshire supplied a cracker of a REMIN testimonial and it with delight I now present Builder / Gardener Steve Lawrence from Suffolk’s testimonial.  

I just hope their illustrated examples will encourage more gardeners / growers to start realising REMIN benefits for themselves.  I am always looking for new REMIN stockists – please do get in touch right away if you would like to become a REMIN Stockist (of course anywhere in the world!) and you can get stocked up with REMIN with your own supply of REMIN fliers to promote sales and be included as a REMIN Stockist etc.

Author: STEVE LAWRENCE, Suffolk

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