May 2018
When I heard author Alanna Moore of was running a course in Wales, that included a section on “Volcanic rock dust for soil improvement, dowsing its energetic qualities” and it was hosted on a farm that was a potential REMIN volcanic rock dust customer, I knew I had to be there!

It turns out Alanna, who has 30 years’ experience of dowsing, was a founder of the Sydney based New South Wales Dowsing Society in 1984 and most interesting of all, she was a pupil of the late (fantastically interesting) Professor Philip S Callahan who wrote the seminal book on entitled “Paramagnetism – Rediscovering Nature’s Secret Force of Growth” published by Acres USA

As quoted from Callahan’s book “Paramagnetism is a strong positive attraction to a magnet.” and it is measured in CGS – centimeters / gram / second, ie speed a substance will move towards a magnet.   In his book Callahan states, he has demonstrated “that good healthy crops grow only in highly paramagnetic soil” and that “This force can be added to soil, where it has eroded away, by spreading ground-up paramagnetic rock such as basalt, or granite, into soil.”

I was a live-in delegate at this lovely welsh farm and they have Jersey cows from which they make their own yogurt and honestly it was one of the best foods I have ever tasted.   In the evening with Sally, our host’s encouragement, we sprinkled REMIN volcanic rock dust onto the page of a flip chart that we anchored between 2 chairs and found REMIN was so paramagnetic we could write REMIN through the dust, by placing a magnet that Garry brought in from the milking parlour under the page – here you go:

Yes, REMIN has been tested by a valued farmer friend on his PCSM – Phil Callahan Soil Meter, and it is “off the top of the scale” when it comes to a paramagnetic reading as shown here (note switch is in x10 display position).   This reminds me, a Cornish farmer who had been searching all over for a volcanic rock dust that would even register on his meter when along came REMIN and right enough – it swung the reading right off the other end of the scale!

But I must be brief.  As you will see from photos, Alanna’s course was incredibly interesting.   We all found we could dowse, we built a power tower on the farm – and during an exercise where we drew a map of our own homes and swapped maps with our neighbours, all total strangers before the course, my neighbour, Gerald, found a metal object in my garden with his pendulum that he had NO WAY of knowing was there…    “Aye, there is more out there than is beyond our ken …!”   But seriously, only if we keep an open mind to all of this will be ever make progress – and yes, I do recommend Alanna’s course.

Oh yes, and Sally and Garry are now REMIN stockists – visit REMIN’s Online store  and search under post code: SA34 0EX!

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