Jairo Restrepo – master at Ragmans Farm

Jairo Restrepo – master at Ragmans Farm

June 18
It was a Wiltshire sheep farmer (yes, a REMIN convert farmer who wrote this testimonial that first told me about a Columbian guy called Jairo Restrepo whose company is called La Mierda devaca, that translates, and is clearly depicted by their company logo, as “The Sh1t of the Cow”.

In 2018 I seized the opportunity to attend 1 day of a 6-day course Jairo was running at Ragmans Farm  an organic farm in Gloucestershire.   I knew he is a world leader and I wasn’t disappointed.  Dressed in a bright yellow polo shirt, speaking only in Spanish, Jairo had everything he said translated by a young chap in a similarly bright orange T Shirt.   A true teacher, the passion of this man to fight the injustice the health of our soils continues to face to make big money for the benefit of a few, and for peril of us all, literally shines out of this guy.

We spent the morning in the classroom learning from Jairo’s incredible life story, had a delicious organic Ragman’s lunch and, as shown by photos, spent the afternoon building a Calcination drum to burn bones to remove carbon and produce phosphite.    We then visited the compost pile made earlier in the week to produce microbe “magic” and then went out to Ragman’s gardens to learn how to apply the compost material to the plants.

My own frustration that I cannot spend more time on the science of REMIN was epitomised by this one day – there is so much more I want to learn, we all need to learn, but running the company, makes finding the time for such luxuries is a real challenge.    Jairo is however coming back to Ragmans 10th – 12th May 2019  so book your place NOW –  I so want to go!

But one more word on Jairo – he has produced, and had translated the incredible “The ABC of organic agriculture, phosphites and stonemeal” as shown on Ragman’s website .

What Ragman’s excellent write up does not include is that Chapter 5 is by Julius Hensel (1833 to 1903), author of Bread from Stones.   Julius would call REMIN “stonemeal” and what Chapter 5 has to tell us.. well it justifies my last 14 years putting my life on hold whilst I strive to help unlock the secrets of this stonemeal for the benefit of mankind.   A copy of the book is an optional choice with bulk loads of REMIN or you can purchase it direct from their website.

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