Glasgow Allotments Forum’S annual “Glasgow Potato Day” is always a fun event that takes me back to my west coast roots.   PHOTO 1 shows the Reidvale Centre, where it is held and this photo was taken at the end of the day when the queues had died down.     As shown in PHOTO 2, I had 25 bags of 10kg REMIN for sale that soon disappeared.  CTS Garden Supplies, local stockist in Kirkmuirhill, south of Glasgow had brought them in for me.   CTS carry a big supply of garden products and will do free delivery for orders of £200 or over, their telephone number is 01555 894151.

PHOTO 3 shows JOHN MARSHALL one of Scotland’s potato experts who is well known for the “Tattie Talks” he provides to community groups etc.    John is fresh back from Peru and holding a tool the Peruvians use for planting potatoes – that he had got a local blacksmith to make!

PHOTO 4 shows ever helpful volunteer ALISTER SHAND and JACQUELINE of GLASGOW COMMUNITY FOOD NETWORK, whose mission is “to develop a flourishing food system in Glasgow.”    So much going on here with Members including THE CONCRETE GARDEN ; NORTH GLASGOW COMMUNITY FOOD INITIATIVE and EMMAUS a network that strives to tackle homelessness – see here:  As ever it was all so interesting with most rightfully having sustainable food production at their core.

PHOTO 5 shows David and Sheila from Govan, who lives 2 streets away and they are going to give REMIN a go.  Sheila had a lovely story about how she grinds up her eggshells in her Nutriblender so that it’s a find powder she can add to her garden.  She also opens her teabags and empties the content onto the soil without the teabag itself.  It is so great to hear what everyone is up to, so often more than you might expect.

PHOTO 6 shows a special moment when GORDON BONAR of KELVINSIDE ALLOTMENTS  came up to say hello.    He bought REMIN at a previous Glasgow Potato Day and said “he was amazed how big a difference it made – it completely changed the texture of his soil in just one year”.   His soil had been “really tired” and he found REMIN, which was the only change me made, improved his POTATOES, TURNIPS, CARROTS, BLUE BROCCOLI and SPROUTS and “helped get rid of club root”.    So thank you Gordon, I appreciated your visit.

PHOTO 7 is of Kate and Adeel who were there with their two daughters and as you will see, they are very keen to give REMIN ago.  I look forward very much to next year to hear how they got on with it.

PHOTO 8, saving the best till last, here is IAN SUTHERLAND with the cabbage he grew last year and just like GORDON BONAR above he could not believe the difference REMIN had made to his soil.

So, thank you Glasgow.   I needed this right now.  We can believe the truth when we see it.  I know there are people out there slagging off REMIN as a scam who have never tried it themselves – or contacted me!   As everyone knows I am passionate about what a difference REMIN makes to our soils and composts – because I’ve seen it for myself in so many parts of the UK and some parts of Europe.  Sure, as expected, it works more dramatically on poor soils.  We have not caught up with all the science of why REMIN works, but it is organically approved, cleared of containing anything harmful.   It is freshly crushed, finely ground powder from carefully selected rocks, containing all 17 recognised minerals and trace elements needed for good growth, and worms love it – yes, I can expand on this.   After 14 years of slavery to the cause, with this battalion of users finding the same as me, from so many different types of growing,  I am in no doubt we have still to realise REMIN’s full potential.   Seriously folks, watch this space…. and if you want to give your soil and compost a boost, then it is time to try REMIN THEN come back and tell me how you got on.

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