International Stockists

We are delighted to introduce our exclusive International Distributors as shown below. We do of course encourage you to contact our in-country contacts to secure your supplies of SEER Rockdust.

1.SLOVENIA (Mojca Bohenic, SEMENARNA Ljubljana, d.d and Sonja Cerncic Lagerwall, BSN Agent – at one of KALIA Garden Centres)

SEMENARNA Ljubljana dd / Vrtni centri KALIA has 24 stores throughout Slovenia that supply SEER Rockdust in 450g cartons and 20kg bags, translated into Slovenian.   Find out more on their website:   Welcome to see and listen to our SLOVENIAN SEER Rockdust fliers;  SEER Rockdust Slovenian Organic Accreditation and SEER Rockdust videoSee our first Slovenian Testimonial


2. HOLLAND (Paul Peters, Kotosh International)

Kotosh International, Geverikerstraat 56, 6191 RP Beek (L) now stock SEER Rockdust in 450g cartons and 20kg bags.   You can contact them on Tel. 00 (31) 6 2360 8400 and Tel. 00 (31) 6 8191 6364 and   Welcome also to see our DUTCH SEER Rockdust flier.


3. MAJORCA (Rob Heron, Terranova Balear, and family)

Terranova Balear,, now stock SEER Rockdust in 20kg bags in Majorca.    You can contact them on 00 (34) 686 526 210.

See our first Majorcan Testimonial


4. DENMARK (Claus B Henriksen, Barfodet DK)

Barfodet I/S is now our supplier for SEER Rockdust in Denmark. Their address is Nedenskovvej 17, 8740 Braedstrup. Their phone number is 00 45 7575 1310, their email address is and their website is You can also see our SEER Rockdust video with subtext in Danish. Here now is our Danish SEER Rockdust flier.

International Agents

(Alaa Hanna, Dolagi Trading AB and Giovanni Trading gets instruction from Moira Thomson at The SEER Centre)

Dolagi Trading AB is our exclusive distributor for Sweden, see:   Here is our video with subtext in Swedish.     SEER Rockdust is also accredited to the Swedish Organic Accreditation standard.




Giovanni Trading & Marketing is the exclusive distributor for The Middle East  and here is our video with subtext in Arabic.