REMIN (Scotland) Ltd is delighted to announce our combined first

DATES: Saturday 29th June to Monday 1st July 2019 inclusive


TIMES9.30am to 4.30pm each day


LOCATION: CABOURNE PARVA FARM, Riby Road, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire  LN7 6DR


JOINING INSTRUCTIONS:     This is a well-equipped farm and proprietor PETER KIRK is well used to hosting training events.    Theory with microscopes is provided indoor.  Course handouts are provided but please bring a notebook, pen and own microscope if you have one.   Outdoor clothing required for field sessions.   Caravans, Mobile Homes and Camping are welcome on the farm with a toilet block available.


Using only what is already in your soil, boosted with organically certified REMIN volcanic rock dust, on this 3 day course YOU LEARN as follows:



  1. Understand your Soil Biology and your Soil Foodweb
  2. Distinguish beneficial from non-beneficial Microbes
  3. Build a good aerobic Compost Stack from what is locally available


  1. Manage the Compost Stack to favour beneficial Microbes
  2. Extract beneficial Microbes from the Compost Stack



  1. Make first turn of the Compost stack that will mature in 15 days
  2. Extract beneficial microbes to make Compost Tea for Soil Drench
  3. Extract beneficial microbes to make Compost Tea for Foliage Feed
  4. How to apply Soil Drenches and Foliage Feeds


You will learn how to use this new knowledge to:

  1. Measure and manage your Soil Biology & Mineral needs
  2. Recycle all your Organic Waste Streams
  3. Produce FREE Natural Fertilisers and Foliage Protection
  4. Design and implement Multi-Species Crop cover
  5. Integrate livestock into your Cropping Systems
  6. Improve your soil hydration and resolve compaction issues


GLYN MITCHELL is a specialist in Soil Microbes.  He runs Credible Food Project from Jersey and is a soil re-generation strategist for Jersey Hemp and Rocquette Cider and of course …Jersey Potatoes!   He  is also Consultant for Soil Food Web world-wide.

Mob. 07797 844116


JENNIFER BRODIE has worked with Scotland’s freshly crushed volcanic rock dust for 15 years and runs REMIN (Scotland) Ltd from Aberdeenshire.  Award winning, organically certified REMIN volcanic rock dust contains all 17 minerals and trace elements required for fertile soil.

Mob. 07715 707009



It is always interesting to learn how these things come about and the story leading up to running these courses is as follows.   RANSOMS GARDEN CENTRE in JERSEY took on REMIN volcanic rock dust in 2016 and I was down in Jersey giving a talk to their staff and customers.   GLYN MITCHELL, whom they talked about enthusiastically, was not able to make my talk but arrived just after and so we had a bite of lunch in Ransoms lovely café.   Glyn told me about his work with SOIL MICROBES and his CREDIBLE FOOD PROJECT and I told Glyn about my work with SOIL MINERALS ie REMIN, and we realised we were travelling either side of the same “road less travelled” when it comes to understanding our soils.  This was captured by an interview we did the following day on BBC RADIO JERSEY with CHARLIE MCARDLE .   Glyn has been boosting his MICROBES with REMIN ever since we met and is a complete convert, after witnessing how REMIN boosts the health and multiplicity of his MICROBES.   Glyn is also Consultant with the world movement SOIL FOOD WEB,  headed up by Dr Elaine Ingham, who did the forward of one of my bibles “Teaming with Microbes” by JEFF LOWENFELS.


The following year, 2017, I attended a Conference run at CABOURNE PARVA FARM in LINCOLNSHIRE.   It is a fine (and real!) farm run by PETER KIRKE and his family and as you will see by their facebook event page, they have a fabulous facility on the farm to host events from training to entertainment.   Their 2017 Conference was being run by GRAEME SAIT of NUTRI-TECH SOLUTIONS from Australia.   It was a fantastic course and I have been to a few more of Graeme’s courses around the UK.   Yes, Graeme is on this same “road less travelled” to look after our soil, and the compost we are making from our waste, that has an as yet un-realised VERY SIGNIFICANT role to play in the health of our planet, and stabilising our climate.   But coming back to Peter, true to his core interest in our soils, PETER has ordered several bulk loads of REMIN over the last 2 years to assist with his composting and compost tea-ing.   You can see his video here: yes, this is raw video footage of his integration of REMIN to his composting system but it is worth a quick look.


Fast forward to June 2018 ie the GROUNDSWELL 2108 “By Farmers, For Farmers” CONFERENCE in HERTFORDSHIRE with their stated MISSION to:  to lead a global movement towards farming systems that use the principles of Conservation Agriculture.” so I signed up, got myself a REMIN STAND and very, very impressed I was too!!    John Cherry recently ordered a bulk load of REMIN for his composting operations on their WESTON FARM – see here on Twitter, May 21 : .   Glyn and I had already decided to share a stand at GROUNDSWELL 2019 and we are giving a combined talk at 11am in the Old Dairy, on Thursday 27th as you will see on the Schedule here:    Glyn and I were actively seeking a venue to run our first SOIL REGENARTION COURSE and it made sense to do this straight after Groundswell.   Realising the Weston Farm boys would be needing time out after Groundswell, I contacted Peter Kirke at Cabourne Parva and he has given the GREEN LIGHT!!


What exciting times we live in AND what better time and place to capture everyone’s attention to this Road Less Travelled where we can all actively contribute.  Here’s my theory “By burning coal and oil we have released carbon that has made a global balaclava around the Earth that is actively heating us up.   We can help to reverse this significantly by looking after our soil and compost.   REMIN volcanic rock dust has an as yet unrealised key role to play as it (a) puts the carbon BACK into our soil and (b) provides the minerals and trace elements that our soil, our compost, our plants and ourselves so desperately need for good health.”   I do hope you will sign up for his Course – or maybe you would like us to run a SOIL REGENERATION COURSE on your farm?